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Segis Stamp, 2020

The Stamp collection is a complete family of upholstered seats, composed of chairs, armchairs, stools and conference chairs that blend in naturally in public, professional and residential surroundings.

Clean-lined, contemporary and timeless pieces that infuse a sophisticated mood in the places they inhabit.

Design by Alejandro Valdés

Art direction: Alejandro Valdés & P.A.R

Renders: Neutra

Its elegant and austere outline embraces an elaborate interior with a soft upholstery that invites the body to relax and put the mind to work. The attention to detail in the Stamp collection expands from the design of its backrest and seat to its variety of legs, armrests, accessories and finishes, carefully considered to minimise the use of materials without compromising the high quality and gentle beauty of the object.

design process

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